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I started on this journey before I found out we were having a baby girl. At the time, I was trying to become a full-time internet marketer.
But I was putting in the “daily grind” to be able to have that financial freedom….
I had dreams of...
- Spending every waking minute with my newborn daughter and wife, cherishing the moments I could never get back.
- Traveling the world with my wife and baby girl.
- Using the extra time freedom to do the things I absolutely loved.
Although everything at the time was going against me… I wasn't ready to give up on my DREAM of building a business and a life that I was truly passionate about.
I remember the day everything changed…
I had just come home from a long day at the office. I was tired, cranky and overwhelmed with how much training I wanted to do that night…
My wife walked into the house with my favorite pizza that had a note on it…
Inside the note, it was a picture…
It was of the pregnancy test, it was positive!
We were having our FIRST Baby..
I remember that day so vividly, my wife and I held each other and cried tears of joy...
As you could imagine, knowing that we had a baby girl on the way, gave me that much more MOTIVATION to make this work.
So did I actually make it work?
I wasn’t officially successful online until I hired my first mentor where I learned to:
- Generate thousands of cold leads utilizing Free Traffic from YouTube.
- Managing thousands per month on social media advertising for clients businesses around the world.
- Create meaningful and impactful relationships with people while providing them value in their lives.
Because I had finally figured out this internet marketing world, I was able to:
- Live my dream of spending more time with my newborn daughter while making a passive 10k/month income.
- Provide a wonderful life for my wife and my newborn baby girl.
- Help people that are in the same situation that I was.
I am truly grateful for all the friends and amazing people I have met along the way. The best part is I'm only 28 years old!
Sound Crazy?
It's not...
If you knew my DRIVE when it comes to my goals and my dreams, you would realize that I am not stopping here...
Now that I’ve experienced both the UPS and DOWNS, I wanted to GIVE BACK by sharing this same training with YOU.
Don't do what I did… Struggle trying to figure out how to do it on your own. 
One of the biggest tips I can give you is, if you want to find success, surround yourself with the people who ALREADY HAVE what you want...

What others are saying...

At one point of my life, I had -$1200 in my bank account. Couldn't pay my mortgage, hit rock bottom financially and stressing out.

If you ever been in a situation like that, looking for a way out and looking for a path to a life you want and know you deserve. I know what you are going though. 

I had started my YouTube channel at first with little results in the beginning. 

Fast forward until today, I have been able to consistently make 10k/mo with my business and brand. 

And get this...

I have a very small following compared to others who have millions.

Just another testiment that you don't need a small following to make 10k/mo passively.

Coaching is right for you if...

  • ​Looking to start on YouTube but have no idea where to get started
  • ​If you have already started making money online but have seen little to no results
  • ​If you are looking for actionable steps that is custom tailored to your personal goals that are proven to build your brand and make more money
  • ​You are ready to dominate the online space and want to grow 
  • ​Want to make money from home so you can have financial freedom

How My 1-On-1 Online Coaching Works

1) Apply for the 10K/Mo Coaching program by filling out the application below.

2) I will go through the applications and if I think you are a good fit for my program. I will send you a link to schedule a call with me via Calendy link.

3) This is the second half of the application process. After the call, if I feel you're a good fit for the customized $10k Coaching program, we'll get started.

4) If you are a good fit, you'll receive a customized, high-impact roadmap that utilizes all your strengths and you will be getting actionable steps to get you the BEST results! 

5) This is not a cookie cutter program. There's no "training modules" or gauntlet I put you through. You and I will stay in touch as much, or as little as you'd like. After being accepted into the 10K Coaching program, you'll receive my personal email and phone number. We will have 8x monthly high-impact skype calls to go over next steps. You'll get an invite to a private facebook mastermind access as well. And in 6-months... you won't recognize the person in the mirror. 

Please Read This 5 Point Checklist Before Applying Below:

Yes! I understand the customized 10K Coaching Program is a 6-12 month commitment.
Yes! I understand my business model is customized to work with my personal lifestyle and goals.
Yes! I understand that I must be available to put in at least 6-hours of dedicated focus and work per week (or more if needed based on my specific goals and speed of results).

Yes! I understand To get the best results, coach Jonathan expects at least 90% compliance to my customized online business plan. I will take MASSIVE action and follow my marching orders. I am highly-coachable.
Yes! I understand that starting an online business is not an overnight endeavor and I am in this for the long run knowing that it will take time to build my 10K/Month online business. 

Application Form For The
$10k/Mo With Jonathan Montoya Program
Do not skip this step or your 10k Coaching Application will not be submitted!
I go through every application one by one so make sure to answer all the questions carefully, if I feel we are a good fit for a phone call, I will send you an email to schedule your phone call with me.

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